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January 2018

CCPS 2.0 System Redesign Training Los Angeles and Bay Areas in Spring 2018

The original CCPS system has been redesigned and the new CCPS 2.0 version will be launched in both the LA and Bay Area regions in spring 2018.




October 2017

CCPS 2.0 System Redesign Launching in Los Angeles and Bay Area in Spring 2018

The updates CCPS 2.0 system will be implemented starting with the first clinical placement cycle in February 2018, when schools and clinical facilities process schedules for Fall/Winter 2018. 




July 2017


The Foundation for California Community Colleges (FCCC), the Bay Area Nursing Resource Center and the Los Angeles Nursing Resource Center are excited to announce that the CCPS 2.0 upgrade is nearing completion. CCPS 2.0 is scheduled to launch initially in a small region, thus Hawaii will be the first this fall, followed next by California (BANRC and LANRC) early in 2018 (January/February) for processing fall 2018 clinical placement requests. 


April 2017


As the Foundation for California Community Colleges is closer to completing the development of CCPS (2.0), FCCC will schedule opportunities to help you get familiar with the new features and share your thoughts and ideas.


January 2017

Proposed activities in 2017 Supporting Clinical Coordinators and the Clinical Placement Process

As we look ahead in 2017 the Los Angeles Nursing Resource Center will continue its efforts to inform, engage ideas and make improvements that will guide CCPS Users, Coordinators and Leaders in the clinical education placement process. 



October 2016

CCPS Project Update

We are excited to share news about the recent upgrades that are in development for the CCPS tool. 


July 2016

LANRC/CCPS Annual Coordinators Survey

CCPS Coordinators have been sent an email reqeust to complete the LANRC/CCPS Annual Coordinators Survey. It is important that coordinators respond to the survey to provide important feedback and input related to their experience with the tool and clinical placement in the LA Region.


April 2016

The Los Angeles Nursing Resource Center Advisory Team & Website Resources

The LANRC Advisory Team is comprised of nursing professionals, leaders and stakeholders who utilize the Centralized Clinical Placement System. Together, members representing academia and service collaboratively plan and provide direction for the use of CCPS and Clinical Placement efforts throughout the Los
Angeles Region.



Guidelines for Developing Academic-Practice Clinical Affiliation Agreements 

Lynette Dahlman, MSN, RN-BC, NEA-BC, Director, Clinical Education and Academic Partnerships at Huntington Medical Center, and Co-Chair, Los Angeles Nursing Resource Advisory Team shared her work on a project contributing to a leadership text for leaders in both service and academia for education and professional development to be published Spring 2016.   


October 2015

CINHC Has A New Name! 

As of the beginning of September 2015, we are pleased to share that the California Institute for Nursing & Health Care has a new name: HealthImpact.  


July 2015

Clinical Placement Trends in California Nursing Schools

The California Board of Registered Nursing collects information on clinical placement experiences and trends as part of their annual pre licensure school report with the most current academic year report recently completed.


April 2015

Bay Area News and Updates
Our team is working with Alameda Health System to roll out allied health placements within CCPS, preparing for Fall 2015.

Los Angeles Area News and Updates
A special meeting was conducted by the Los Angeles Nursing Resource Center Advisory Board on April 15th to engage focused dialog about preceptor placements with schools and clinical facilities in the Los Angeles region.


January 2015

Sharing the Value of CCPS
Throughout 2015, the Bay Area and Los Angeles Area Nursing Resource Centers (BANRC/LANRC) would like to invite our Centralized Clinical Placement System (CCPS) stakeholders and users to join in our efforts to encourage and increase participation among your service and academia partners across California. Since inception, it has been our goal to build a sustainable program that will enhance and streamline the process of clinical placements, and improve relationships among partners.


October 2014

CCPS Improvements & Updates
The CCPS Technical Team has rolled out some new features that will assist school and clinical agency users in editing and updating proposals, historical placements, unit schedules, and more.


July 2014

ReSource Newsletter Expands to Two Regions
CINHC is pleased to announce the expansion of the ReSource Newsletter to include both the San Francisco Bay Area Nursing Resource Center (BANRC) as well as the Los Angeles Area Nursing Resource Center (LANRC)  Our combined efforts will streamline communications and coordinate planning with both Northern and Southern California.


April 2014

Increasing User Value "CCPS Marketing Project 2014"

We are excited to launch a focused CCPS Marketing Project this year to expand CCPS users across the Los Angeles Region.


About Us

The Los Angeles Nursing Resource Center is a collaborative effort between the Foundation for California Community Colleges and HealthImpact. The Foundation develops the online applications and has oversight for the entire project, while HealthImpact has the primary responsibility for leading all community outreach activities and collaboration with the Los Angeles users.

CCPS Training

CCPS 2.0 Training

The original CCPS system has been redesigned and the new CCPS 2.0 version will be launched in the LA region in spring 2018. 

Training will be provided to all clinical placement coordinators in February to support transition to the new system. The CCPS technical design team at the Foundation for Community Colleges (FCCC) in Sacramento will be on site leading these sessions along with our local HealthImpact team. The new CCPS 2.0 has been expanded to now support scheduling of allied health professionals in addition to RN and LVN programs. Please RSVP for one of the 3-hour training sessions that works best for your schedule. It is essential each school and clinical facility schedule at least one representative participate.  The session will include your review prior placements, and guided activities to support your transition in utilizing the redesigned CCPS 2.0 system this Spring. 

It is important that at least (1) coordinator from each participating School or Clinical Facility attend a training session, and we encourage all to participate  Space is limited with each deliberately kept small to support individualized learning, thus coordinators need to be pre-scheduled to attend. Classes will be held in Pasadena, and location and parking details will be provided to those with confirmed RSVPs.  Please contact Tianda for any questions or email your RSVP to .

 Wednesday, February 14

Schools 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Clinical Agencies 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Thursday, February 15

Clinical Agencies 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Schools 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Friday, February 16

Schools 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Schools 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM


Contact Us

For Community Outreach and general information please contact: 

Carolyn Orlowski, RN, MSN
Southern California Regional Coordinator

For assistance with the Centralized Clinical Placement System (CCPS), please contact: 

Tianda McKoy, MBA
Southern California Project Coordinator

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