Fall/Winter 2020 PLANNING CYCLE

January 27 to February 14, 2020
Clinical facilities review and update availability for both cohort and preceptor programs. We understand some clinical facilities will need to modify future availability if census and building plans change. These changes can be done as needed throughout the year.

February 18 to March 6, 2020
(Preceptor requests due April 10)
Schools make requests for all courses that start in September through the end of the fall/winter terms. (Courses that usually end by December 31)

March 9 to March 27, 2020
(Preceptor decisions due May 1)
Clinical facilities review proposed requests and make placement decisions. Clinical facilities are encouraged to accept long-standing/historic placements and to decline proposals they know they cannot accommodate as quickly as possible, as a courtesy to schools. 

<h3>Customized to your organization</h3>

Customized to your organization


<h3>Community-driven enhancement</h3>

Community-driven enhancement

<h3>Setup, training, and support</h3>

Setup, training, and support

<h3>Regional view of placement data</h3>

Regional view of placement data

<h3>Nationwide community of users</h3>

Nationwide community of users

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The new CCPS (2.0) offers a modern and responsive design, simplified navigation, improved processes for making and responding to placement requests, and dashboards to view key activity. CCPS 2.0 will be in use starting Fall 2018 placement cycle.


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The Nursing Resource Center is an internet-based service that helps maximize nursing education capacity by streamlining placements and exposing new opportunities for school and clinical provider relationships.

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