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61 divided by 5

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"I want to let these poor things go!" she said fiercely. "I'm going to smash the glass and let 'em out-"

"Better come along with us," he said. "You alone?"

This bridge had clearly felt the strain of the sledge's weight, for a crack ran across it close to the other edge of the chasm, and the surface on the near side of the crack had settled down a foot or so. It might support the weight of a child: it would certainly not stand under the weight of an armored bear.

"He says that it's not the only child of that kind. He's seen others in the forest. Sometimes they die quickly, sometimes they don't die. This one is tough, he thinks. But it would be better for him if he died."

"No. There was my uncles and all, and some other men," she said vaguely, not knowing what the Samoyed hunter had told him.

After they had been driving along for such a time that Lyra's body was in torment from cramp, the pace slackened a little, and someone roughly pulled off the hood.

"And who's he?"

"She's very nice," said Lyra stolidly.


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