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Thet's Abbie Prim's stuff,” cried one.

I hope you are quite correct in your surmise,” replied Bridge. But even so I'm not taking any chances.”

We'd better make a break for it,” advised Bridge, and a moment later the three moved cautiously toward the wood, keeping the out-house between themselves and the farm house. Almost in front of them as they neared the wood they saw a well defined path leading into the thicket. Single-file they entered, to be almost instantly hidden from view, not only from the house but from any other point more than a dozen paces away, for the path was winding, narrow and closely walled by the budding verdure of the new Spring. Birds sang or twittered about them, the mat of dead leaves oozed spongily beneath their feet, giving forth no sound as they passed, save a faint sucking noise as a foot was lifted from each watery seat.

Wait,” cried Jonas Prim, I'm going with you,” and without waiting to find a hat he ran quickly after the detective. Once in the car he leaned forward urging the driver to greater speed.

Listen!” cried the boy excitedly. This boy has been offered a hundred dollars for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the men who robbed and murdered in Oakdale last night. I'll give him a hundred dollars if he'll go away and say nothing about us.”

Thet's right,” interjected Jeb. Thet's what they do say, an' this here Oskaloosie Kid said they heered things las' night an' seed a dead man on the floor, didn't he M'randy?” M'randy nodded her head.

Burton sprang to the phone. When he left it he only stopped at the doorway of the living room long enough to call in: A mob has the two prisoners at Payson and are about to lynch them, and, my God, they're innocent. We all know now who killed Paynter and I have known since morning who murdered Baggs, and it wasn't either of those men; but they've found Miss Prim's jewelry on the fellow called Bridge and they've gone crazy—they say he murdered her and the young one did for Paynter. I'm going to Payson,” and dashed from the house.


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