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uneven dice

Source global Wall Street Journal     time 2022-12-17 00:50:33
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Doth it roll along, when it carries with it

A scene of so much emotion was, fortunately, shrouded by the total darkness that prevailed.

She then drew a very long breath, and began to prepare herself. He will return immediately!”[266] she thought. She tried to compose her spirits, but in vain: her heart fluttered like a bird trying to escape from its cage. The tramping over head increased; she turned pale. It lessened; the colour stole gradually over her cheeks again. She listened, and breathing was again suspended, and every power of life concentrated in the sense of hearing. This became so acute, that, amid all the mingled sounds of a busy deck, she could yet plainly distinguish the well known tread of Fitz-Ullin on the main deck, approaching the cabin door. A cold sensation passed over her cheeks and brow. She clasped her hands together a moment, then let one fall at her side, and rested the other on the table. But there, its trembling movement was so visible, that with hasty confusion she withdrew it; and, fixing her eyes on the ground, held down, with a fatiguing effort, the universal tremor of her frame. He entered. He stood before her. He seated himself beside[267] her. But, he made no attempt to take her hand.


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