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Source global Wall Street Journal     time 2022-12-16 18:23:43
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‘It’s not that straightforward. The kid runs a tight operation. Fowl Manor is like a fortress.’

‘Remember, you stay here until I come and get you.’

‘I knew it!’ he crowed, tossing a casual fireball at the grille. The mesh glowed red, and sparks cascaded against Holly’s visor. Over the goblins’ heads, the roof sagged dangerously. A few more seconds and it would collapse.

Artemis was surprised. Butler rarely offered opinions on personal matters.

‘The what?’

Below her the Spiro Needle pointed spacewards like the world’s biggest rocket. Low fog gathered around its base, adding to the illusion. Holly set her wings to descend, dropping gently towards the helipad. She called up the video file of Artemis’s entry to the Needle on her visor and slowed it down at the point where Spiro keyed in the access code for the rooftop door.

Artemis swallowed, feeling the mike ride on his Adam’s apple.

‘Testing. One two. One two. Trolls cause terrible trouble in a tantrum.’


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