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'Six weeks will be too late. The world will be a different place and possibly not a better one.'

Abbot was gloating now. 'Magic cannot help you, elf. I've been working on this sword for a long time.'

'No,' agreed Holly, removing the helmet. 'This Section Eight stuff is years ahead of standard LEP. You get what you pay for, I suppose.'

Holly was not particularly worried. Her Neutrino could fire as fast as she could aim, and with a wide beam setting she could stun the entire line of demons and imps before they could do any damage. In theory.

A voice drifted over the tank. 'Beau? Where are you?'

Holly shrugged. 'I don't know. Maybe. It got a bit hazy there for a minute. Must be the time spell.'

'No, you dolts,' squealed Mr Lin, threading his way through the policemen, slapping at their gun arms. 'Not that one. He is my good friend. Those other ones, the unconscious ones. They are the ones who broke in here; they knocked me down. It is a miracle my friend and his…'

'These statues are actual demons. They have been among us all this time. I should have seen it, but Abbot looked nothing like this.'


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